Why Not Eat Meat?

I have nothing personal against people who eat meat. I do not agree or respect that they eat meat. I have mainly kept my mouth shut while the kids in middle school threw chicken at me, while family members have told me that I am depriving my body of nutrients while they consume genetically modified red meat that blocks blood vessels and leads to cancer, while so many have ignorantly told me “plants have feelings too”.

Eating meat is, in my opinion that I have the right to have and share with the world, selfish and on some levels moderately psychopathic. You consciously eat dead flesh for your own pleasure. Not for survival, eating meat isn’t the only way to keep your body alive. Eating meat is eating a dead animal that has been through who knows what for your own pleasure. YOU EAT DEAD THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN TORTURED AND MURDERED FOR YOU OWN PLEASURE. Now that you think about it, does it sound a little off? Maybe a little morally wrong? Would you eat your own cat? Or your sister? The commonly eaten animals such as pigs and cows are intelligent mammals. Humans are intelligent mammals. How is eating a steak that much different from eating Grandma? If you’re courageous enough to let it settle in and really think about it, you’ll get what I mean.

Vegatarianism is a choice. Veganism is a choice. Eating meat is a choice. But who gets hurt by vegetarianism? Not the innocent lives of animals. Not the people who aren’t eating meat that clots blood vessels and could lead to salmonella. Eating meat hurts you and the meat you eat. Stop being selfish. Stop eating meat.